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Chris Kam:

Your name, first and last.

Chris Kam

To which institutions were you sent?

All 3

How old were you?

17 - 19

Date you entered The Program/ Date you left.

May 1995 - Dec 1997

What was the highest level you attained?


Please describe the circumstances that got you sent to The Program, i.e. trouble with law, issues with parents, problems at school, etc.

Heavy drug use, gang involvement, expelled from HS b/c of drug dealing, drinking, fighting

Which house were you in?

Marion - I dont remember the names.

Canada - Faul Cabin

DR - Huyck, TKB, Thomas

Please describe instances of abuse you experienced while in the program, if any.

Physical punishment, mental torture, Being thrown from room to room, hit in the chest, forced to do obscure punishments.

Describe abuse of other students you witnessed, if any.

I don't remember.. it's all been blocked out.

Do you have any good memories of The Program? What are they?

I don't remember.. its all been blocked out.

What is your overall impression of The Program - did it “help you”?

Absolutely unnecessary. Although I wouldn't be the person I am today without it.

What do you think of the quality of education you received?

Very very Poor.. My writing and spelling skills are poor. When I went to college I had to start at the lowest math and English possible.

How old are you today?


Did you go to college afterward? If so, what degrees do you have?

Indiana University

B.S. Informatics

Cognate: Digital Media Production

What is your profession?

Procurement Assistant

Do you consider yourself a Christian today?


What effect did “The Program” have on your faith?

I believe in God... but avoid ritual services

Please feel free to add comments here.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I truly believe that if I didn't go to the DR.. I'd either be dead, in prison.. or have some girl pregnant and stuck in hillbilly Indiana. I would not be where I am today without it. Although, the mental repercussions are unavoidable and ridiculous. Social Anxiety, nervous around authority and groups, blocked out memories of those years. The DR totally shut me down in social settings. So I think it was good that I went but the extremes that they go to are unnecessary. Out of the country = NO US LAWS...... and they take full advantage of it..

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